Regal Tender

by Kinderwood

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released June 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Kinderwood Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Questions
I have a secret and I cannot tell you, right now that it lies in the way
Look at our differences, everyone's telling me you are no good and you never will stay
Everything you had to tell me was wrong, in the last town I said you never belonged
I never knew what you wanted from me, and I could not tell you what I couldn't see

If memory serves me I never recalled that the things that you told me were always so wrong
I couldn't tell if you were really there, and I never related, never did care
Every connection would bring me to life, I loved you I told you each every night
I couldn't tell if you had it inside to tell me what you wanted what did you hide?

Please answer these questions I whisper in bed when I wake and tell you I know what you said
I wouldn't know if you told me your name, you're the desert that's dead and I am the rain
Everything you didn't know, Idolized, and now would you tell me what happened last night
and I told you I wouldn't care if you said that the heart is a burden, it's leather and lead
And I couldn't tell if I saw you last night, everything was ok? Everything was alright?
Track Name: Through the Valley
Wading through the dark on foot and hand,
Maybe when you’re here you will understand, when you’re older boy
Reaching out, I know your kind, and everyone is on your mind but you're playing coy

We never care, we only stared, once it boiled over we headed home

Where’s your heart, man I don't know anymore
Sold to a sparrow, caught in the cold of a common morgue
Shattered bones in face, will it calm this place, heaven is nature and I'm all alone

Tell us your secrets, man you never know, where is the water this forest never grows, outed the radicals and guns, oh now you run?

You were a waste, you were a waste of precious time
You were a waste, you were a waste of a beautiful night
Swept in the waves of this beautiful mess, you cursed the gods but I know we were blessed, I’m coming home

Please scatter my body where the forest meets the plains
Now ashes to ashes will never be the same
And maybe when im gone and you’re alone when you are here, just bite your tongue until this time next year

I walk through the valley in the shadow of a beast, I always need him most when he wants me the least
Just bite your tongue, bite your tongue, bite your tongue, your time will come my dear.
Track Name: Wasted Youth
I saw the city sun fall down the hills, it was following you
I have a pretty picture in my head of the both of you two
forget about the days lost and all of your fears, you got nothing to prove
in a little longer lady luck hopefully will pity us and our wasted youth

Oh Hollywood said that our god is dead, karma give us hope we're running out of dope
and maybe we would comfort you but you're mean when you're high, and you know it's true

I saw the city lights burning out last night, they were mimicking you
I sold my pretty bones to the old folks home, and I'd sell them to you too
And I dont need the best years of my retched life, what I need is truth
but when all is said and done at least we had a little fun, what more can you do?

Oh we know we spent our whole lives just holding out breath, reject the analogue life for your digital death
And where did all those damn years go? I need much more time, but whats the use?

I saw the city sun down the barrel of a gun, bt it was calling to you
I have a pretty price tag on the back of my head and there's one here for you too
We bet that all our bridges would never burn down, but they're good as new
and we always knew that lady luck never really gave a fuck about our wasted youth
Track Name: Grains
So you open your eyes, but it's too damn cold, it's too damn bright to get out of bed and go outside

So you open your door, but you know deep down inside, inside that you dont got a reason to go out of your room anymore

So you open your heart, but you dont want to loose your love to this wicked world and not about to start

So you open your hand, but you let your miserable life just slip through your fingers like another grain of sand
Track Name: Mouthful of Pearls
Watch the pretty birds fly through the bay with your heart in your hands
Watch the pretty birds fly through the same heart and you’ll finally understand
Watch the pretty girls fly through the streets without a care in the world
You fall in love with every pretty face you see with a mouthful of pearls

Watch the pretty birds fly through the trees along the face of a mountain
Watch the city bums waltz through the streets along the Skidmoore fountain
Watch the pitiful purge of all that’s good and golden
You fall in love every dirty little curse and you wonder why you’re still so broken

If all you do is reject the world, is it personal? or ephemeral
If all your habits arent saving you, how predictable, is it time to go

Watch the pretty cars fall through the skies they guzzle bilge and the brine
Watch the pretty kids just pass you by while you wonder where’s your mind
A fameless kamakazi once upon a time, killed the paparazzi in the dead of night
We cant decide whats wrong or right, you run around, well I don't mind if you could find a way to burn this town

If all you do is reject the world, you’re so cynical, you’re so irrational
If all your demons have abandoned you, how unusual, well it’s time to go
Track Name: Rat Race
Someone once told me a beautiful lie, there’s only one way streets that lead up to the sky
Someone once told me you’ll never see, any kind of happiness if you don't stay with me

Someone has let all us sleeping dogs lie, you could knit a little sweater with the wool pulled from our eyes
Someone once told me you were born free, but from the womb straight to the tomb is where we’re meant to be

This fallacy, this fantasy, is starting to wear kind of thin, if you were me then you would see there’s no real way to win this rat race

What is the reason what is the price, of every bitter bastard’s soul on earth you could combine
I give you a quarter you’ll give me a dime, let’s settle on a price for all these little lover’s lives

I could be perfect if I really tried, I’ll pray away the days to all the angels up on high
They’ll feed you the ocean and sell you the fire, that in the night will set alight the sinner’s funeral pyres

This fantasy, this fallacy, that everyone will get their prize
Well I can see the reality, that the future is not very bright for this rat race now
Track Name: Winter Skins
Breaking the ice with a dull kitchen knife, now what the hell is wrong with my pace
The changing of leaves, wandering the streets, the way you breath clings to your face
Half of the time we all cursing in rhymes, wailing and the moon and the sun

Don't follow the buzz from the booze in the bottle, it takes you places you don't want to go. It would come with a kiss and a choke on the throttle, you’re passed out in the car before noon

Leather and lace, sugar and mace, shiny shoes and stains on your sheets
You Shoulder the blame, you’re tender and tame, while swearing through the gap in your teeth

Give me a break man you have to relate, our winter skins are much to thin to sleep in
If I had a chance to romance anything, then I choose the first soul that I believe in. it’s you.

Give me your best shot the morning is coming, a black eye never sounded so nice
Sneaking through the walls in these old chapel halls, every pastor’s kid has a vice

I would admit that it’s hard to forget, the screams from the wind and the rain

There’s lead in your bones, a wolf in your home, is barking up the wrong kind of sin
We shudder and shift like the beast is a gift, this isn’t a war you can win

We’ll head for the hills, eat what we kill, we’ll act like we got nothing to loose
You’ll play me something sweet so then I can sleep, you know you don't got nothing to prove

Give us a break man you have to relate, these winter skins are much to thin to live in
I wanted to dance and I wanted to sing, and the thought of you still keeps me breathing. To this day
Track Name: Friends in the Void
Oh my god, we’re so lost
There goes all of her ghost

Oh my dear friend afar,
play your songs, bear your scars

I wonder what’s the reason you rarely showed your face
Well I wont take it personal, I wont forget my place
We saw you on the silver screen and you gave us your voice
I hope you find what’s in the hills and finally rejoice

There she goes, a shadow in her homely woes, such a gentle soul
What’s the shame in feeling sadness in a mother’s pain,
we’ll show you jaded masses that their hearts will always have a home

Oh my god, we’re so lost
There goes all of his ghost

Oh my dear brother of mine
Took his life, now he’s lost in time

Nick where is your spirit, it’s lost among the stars
But in the void I hear your voice and the sound of your guitar
if someone could have saved me, well you’re the only one
And then someday I’ll join you where you and hide behind the sun

There he goes, it been 40 years but still no one knows, his subtle gestures,
Its all the same, we neglect the genius
But if you listen, you can still hear his voice in the rain
Track Name: Regal Tender
I remember winter when everything was frozen
I was such a sinner but everything was golden
I was never sorry, sorry serves no purpose
I regret this body, these hollow bones are worthless

All those days were bringing me down
Southern wind makes no sound when it's blowing from inside of you

I was once a spinster, a haggard horny looser
My only friends were chemicals, but beggars cant be choosers
I waited for the fire that would come in late December
But mother Earth's a liar and she gave me Regal Tender

All this time, all these years
We should of died, but we're still here
How perfectly unusual

We're ollie-ollie oxen-free to do whatever we please
But freedom is a fickle thing when you never really wanted to leave
And maybe we're really gone but I don know any more what to believe
I feel like all these people don't belong but it's people that I need

I remember Summer when everything was broken
My mind just seemed to wander, it was swimming in the bottom of the ocean
I remember sanity well it died with the birth of humanity
And in the end of times I realized that all I really wanted was you next to me

Now it's clear that we're alone
But have no fear, you have a home
And it's burning deep inside of you.
Track Name: Gravity
My Tiny hands how they dance, in their calamity
It’s funny how just by chance, they move out side of me

My tiny hands how they would rest, on my hollow heart
I’ve always done my very best, to hide away and play the part

Of a quiet child, with a stillborn smile so silently

These tiny hands how they rest, oh so perfectly
Upon my home you call your chest, that you gave to me

This tiny war that I’ve fought for years, has finally been won
I’ve found my love in a crowded place, that we called oblivion

Well it feels so right the way you drifted into my life despite the gravity
And if we try our best then I might guess we’ve found infinity